A breakthrough technology for the swift and economical aerial suppression of Wildfires.

  • In 2021, unprecedented wildland fire conditions in California saw up to 20 times the monthly average acreage burned over the course of the fire season. These conditions are being mirrored around the world, with even Britain experiencing over 745 wildfires in 2022.
  • The loss of life and the economic destruction caused by wildfires has become intolerable, even as urban encroachment upon wilderness increases. The 2009 Black Saturday fires in Australia took 173 lives and destroyed over 2,000 homes in the course of a single day, illustrating the destructive power of major wildfires.
  • Current wildfire suppression technologies are not equal to the challenges posed by such events, being capable of halting only small fires of 3,000kW/m or less. Present methods are limited to forming fire breaks, either by dropping water/retardant ahead of fires, or the removal of fuel with hand tools or bulldozers. A means of rapidly reducing the intensity of wildfires is desperately needed.
  • Wildfire Suppression Pty Ltd’s FOREMS promises to be the circuit-breaker that firefighters need to swiftly bring major wildfires under control.

Watch the CSIRO simulation of how Wildfire Suppression works.

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How it works

FSM contains 25 litres of water/retardant and is dropped from an aircraft into a wildfire, detonating only when it impacts the ground.

FSM is designed to deliver a cloud of fine water droplets to the base of a wildfire, absorbing heat from the fire and suppressing it.