How It Works
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How It Works

Wildfire’s new patented technology employs a four-strike method to knock down and hold down fires fast. An initial high-velocity blast delivers a cloud of fine water droplets to the base of a wildfire, separating flame from fuel and instantly suppressing it.

Rapid partial evaporation of the mist cloud then absorbs the heat from the fire, while displacing oxygen with water vapour. Finally, the remaining water and retardant foam coats the fuel mass, reducing its temperature and preventing re-ignition.

The FSM consists of four parts: a nose cone, retaining a small pyrotechnic bursting charge; the body containing 20 litres of water and retardant, and the tail piece. The FSM is dropped from an aircraft into the fire, detonating when it impacts the ground.

The nose cone contains an ‘adiabatic fuse’, which upon impact with the ground, heats a small air reservoir to above 400°C and initiates a proprietary bursting charge compound. The fuse is designed to initiate only when it impacts a hard surface at a predetermined speed, so it does not pose an explosion risk during assembly and loading. This blast converts the water in the FSM body into a fine cloud of water droplets, which rapidly expands to a 3 meter radius and stops the fire instantly.

Testing of FSM Nose Cone Pyrotechnic Bursting Device.

High speed camera footage of test firings indicates that initial velocities in excess of 300 meters per second were achieved using the bursting compound. Such velocities cause catastrophic droplet break-up, essential for rapid evaporation.

The proprietary pyrotechnic charge is biodegradable, powerful, safe and stable in handling and storage and is composed of readily available constituents.

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