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Marc Hartmann

Marc is a director and co-founder of Wildfire Suppression Pty Ltd and co- inventor of the Wildfire Suppression technology. Marc is responsible for Wildfire Suppression’s technology development and managing the company’s strategic partnerships with materials suppliers and relationships with scientific bodies such as the CSIRO and CRC.

Marc has held a number of senior design and project engineering roles for blue-chip organizations including, Caltex, Australian Defence Industries (ADI) and Thales. His work has involved lead design engineer positions on several major projects involving the development of communications, Radar ranging facilities and Counter-IED installations on Protected Mobility and Special Operations vehicles.

Marc holds a Bachelor of Arts (Hons) Degree from the University of NSW and a Bachelor of Engineering (Aero) Degree from the University of Sydney.

Derrick Yap

Derrick is a Director of Wildfire Suppression Pty Ltd and a co-inventor of the FSM technology. Derrick is responsible for the engineering design of the FSM product, including computer modeling and simulations to of FSM performance. He also manages the FSM Test Program.

Derrick has held a number of senior engineering roles most notably with Arup Australia as a consulting engineer.

Derrick holds a Bachelor of Engineering (Hons) degree from the University of Sydney and a PhD in Structural engineering.


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